Father and mother have different answer to daughter’s question -


Father and mother have different answer to daughter’s question -


  1. Posted by tearstaiins, — Reply

    If i had a child, I’d let them believe whatever they want. Catholic? Cool. Atheist? Cool. Buddhist? Cool. Don’t believe in anything? Still cool. I’m not going to force some religion on a kid.

  2. Posted by CatafalqueBoy, — Reply

    HOLY FUCK YALL. Just click through to the joke. It’s a freaking boomer joke where she’s bashing her husband in the end. It’s literally just “were a couple but we hate and bully each other”. Stop having debates over who’s right because this... is... a... shitty... joke.

  3. Posted by NoMorePullups, — Reply

    ..to which the daughter responded " ...so I'm part monkey?" Then runs off to her father crying. Lol! Sadly, there are more parents who bash their SO like this, and never once think of how it affects their children. And they wonder why their children do not respect them. The more you know..🌠

  4. Posted by PariKKaur, — Reply

    What if Adam was gay? Or Eve was lesbian? Or they hated eachother? Or one of them was infertile? Or they didn't know how to make more humans? God would've really messed up if that was the case.

  5. Posted by vavandeurzen, — Reply

    How about an honest answer? Well i wasn't there around to be sure but the bible say's answer a, darwin mentions b and there are several opinions about it. Which is truth is hard to tell, what seems logical to you or shall we go to the librairy and find more about it?

  6. Posted by englishroy1283, — Reply

    When he was a small boy The English composer Ralph Vaughan Williams asked his mother where everything came from and she replied "The Bible says that God made the world in six days. Great Uncle Charles thinks it took longer: but we need not worry about it, for it is equally wonderful either way". ' Ralph's Great Uncle Charles' was of course a certain Mr. Darwin!

  7. Posted by XxPeach_MilkxX, — Reply

    In all honesty I’d just ask them what they want to believe. I’m atheist myself so I don’t really care about the Bible and stuff and I obviously don’t know if we really evolved from animals so I’d just say “hey, depends on what you want to believe happened. I don’t care or mind, really,” y’know

  8. Posted by grouchy_wedge, — Reply

    Well if it was only Adam, Eve and there children then how did they create a whole human race. You would need hundreds of familys

  9. Posted by yellowbeomgyu, — Reply

    Oh my God. People can believe what they want. There are people who believe in God and some who don't, just because you don't doesn't make it bullshit so don't say that. Your opinion doesn't make a thing bad, it's that you perceive it to be bad. People don't think the same as you so stop being rude to them for doing so.

  10. Posted by clairevermillion, — Reply

    just to offer an opinion, no judgement! im a christian, and most of genesis was written not in a literal way, but more in a poetic way. You can interpret it that God made the entire world in 6 days, or you can say it took millions of years and God still had a hand it. the main point isn’t to tell us how it happened, but to show us just how much God loves us.

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